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Apr 03, 2020
DIY Face Mask

With the desire to help protect my mom and for personal use, I dusted off my sewing machine to make a few masks.  I then turned to YouTube to find an instructional video that I liked.  I tried 2 different styles/videos - and both were epic fails ( my sewing skills need lots of practice!) I figured I'd give it one more try and found the following video/pattern that I LOVE! If you are in a similar situation - you don't have elastic, and you can't find it to order anywhere and you also don't want to spend any money ordering fabric - you want to use what you have.  This video is great because it gives great ideas how to use what you may have available! I cut up old t shirts (95 cotton, 5% spandex) for the strips to tie around the back of our heads, and I used a super soft all cotton t shirt for the backer fabric so it's nice an soft next to our faces.  Then I've used some of the trial hand dyed tea towels that aren't quite up to my standards for selling, and ta-da! You are ready to wash and use!  These are machine washable (wash in hot water to kill germs), comfortable, practical, super unique, and provide a certain level of protection while out in public (about 70-85% better than nothing at all - depending on your fabric choices)! 

View the video here: DIY Masks YouTube