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Mar 13, 2019
My Soap Box: Synthetic and "Natural" Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Recently I have started making cold pressed vegan plant based soaps. In doing this, I joined quite a few soaping groups online.  I wanted to learn, research, and see what others were doing. I learned very quickly that soaping is an art form to many.  They make gorgeous, highly pigmented soaps with fragrances like "Abercrombie", and many in the group love them, and I can see how they would sell well. This had me wondering more about the "natural" and synthetic fragrance oils and and whether I should look into incorporating these "fancy" or "fun" fragrances into my soaps.

It's a rabbit hole that can suck you in pretty quickly.  I read one article that sends me to another article, that shows me a tutorial, etc.  I then started thinking about the core value of Happy Pits and why I started making Happy Pits and the other Happy products to begin with; to make an all natural, green product with the best quality ingredients at an affordable price.  Best of the best - organic and fair trade ingredients - no chemicals, no toxins, no synthetic fragrances. Do you know that most "fragrance" is derived from a petroleum byproduct? These are lab created smells using chemicals that can cause mood swings, irritability, sleep issues, hormone disruptions, etc. As for "natural fragrance" - there is no standard criteria for what this means. In doing our due diligence as consumers and myself as a maker - you need to be aware of "greenwashing", or the practice of using terms like natural and organic thinking you won't look any further - that you won't ask questions. Please ask lots of questions - read - knowledge is power!

So why was I interested in making cold pressed vegan soaps? The only thing left in my shower that isn't natural and organic, or that I don't make myself is my sensitive - unscented Dove soap for my lady parts - seeing as how I am incredibly sensitive to fragrance and get rashes. I wanted to rid my space of that last straggler - of something I buy from a big box store, and make something that I can use that is healthier for me and the environment. My inspiration wasn't to create works of art with fancy smells - but rather wholesome soap that will moisturize, and lather and smell clean - something I can use confidently, and know I am doing my part for the health and wellbeing of those using my products, as well as for Mother Nature!

So I have made an unscented loaf, a lavender loaf, and a eucalyptus/lemongrass/mint loaf so far - and they look and smell heavenly to me. They are green, natural, vegan, plant based soaps with the best of the best ingredients - because why would I use organic, fair trade ingredients and then use chemical fragrance oils?  They are colored using natural clays, and root powders, and fragranced with Organic Essential Oils, just like Happy Pits! As for the Coconut Happy Pits fragranced with the "Natural" fragrance oil - it is unfortunately going to be discontinued, because it is more important to me to help guide those looking for healthier and greener products, and it is my responsibility as an all natural personal care product maker!

These have a couple of more weeks to cure, but I can't wait to use them!